10 Animal Mysteries That May Finally Be Solved

Well-known mysteries have been debunked in the past, and many more have yet to be discovered. While it may take a long while for Bigfoot or Nessie to reveal their faces or for all the world’s fossils to finally be unearthed, these are just some of the questions about the natural world that researchers have managed to answer.

10. Chupacabras


Chances are, you’ve probably already heard of these gruesome vampires. Every night, they prowl through the arid landscape to fasten their fangs into livestock and drain their bodies dry. According to most, they possess long claws, terrifying red eyes, and a row of spikes running down their spines . . . or do they?

There is no actual footage of their existence, but there are a handful of photos with images of the alleged creatures. Dead ones, at least. With bulging gray eyes and dry, hairless bodies, it’s easy to see how someone could mistake them for monsters.

The legend of the chupacabra began circulating in Puerto Rico and Mexico after reports that dead sheep were found drained dry with puncture wounds. Then came sightings of the goatsuckers, which were described as being like dogs, rodents, or reptiles.

However, according to science, the real chupacabras could be nothing more than wild dogs afflicted with severe mange. Mange is a disease that causes extreme hair loss. As mites burrow underneath the skin, inflammation thickens the skin, cuts off the blood supply to the hair follicles, and leaves the animal hairless and leathery.

And since mange leaves animals greatly weakened, it would be easier for them to attack livestock than to hunt down faster prey, such as rabbits. In short, the legendary goatsuckers are nothing more than a pack of mite-infested coyotes.

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