10 Animal Mysteries That May Finally Be Solved

9. Cattle Mutilation


In a widespread phenomenon stretching across America, cattle are turning up dead with their tongues and reproductive organs missing. Although more sensible people have blamed it on your everyday predators, there are some details in the corpses that don’t make sense.

According to a veterinarian that had examined one of the bodies, there is just no way that a predator could be the culprit. The cuts were clean, almost surgical, with no blood or other bodily fluids surrounding the area.

Furthermore, footprints around the corpses were completely missing, almost as if the cow had dropped from the sky. These mutilations are not new, either. They have been happening since 1972. Could extraterrestrial beings or mysterious cults be the culprit?

There may be a more logical answer. Scavengers such as foxes can make off with a bit of the carcass’s flesh, thus answering the question of missing organs. Flies and their larvae will then feast on the softer body parts, such as the reproductive organs and tongues, making the wounds appear precise and surgical.

Furthermore, a body lying in the sun will eventually burst open, leading to more surgical-looking tears. The blood that gathers at the bottom will be consumed by maggots. To top it all off, an Arkansas sheriff named Herb Marshall proved this by filming a cow decomposing in the sun, with the end result similar to the mutilations.

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