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10 Disturbing Tales From Scandinavian Folklore

9. The Christmas Ghosts Sweden

9 Christmas ghosts
This tale begins with a woman who was preparing to head to a midnight Christmas Mass. In order for her and a friend to ensure they made it on time, they both agreed to wake the other, and head out at the same time. Late at night, she thought she heard her friend telling her that it was time to leave, so she grabbed a piece of bread that she had baked in the shape of a cross to eat later as a snack and headed out on her way. While riding to the church, she came across two witches who wished to murder her on the spot, but they were unable to harm her because of the cross in her pocket. Thinking little of this, she made it to the church and quickly headed inside.

She made her way into the church with almost unseemly haste, for she had been trying to catch up with her friend the entire time and didn’t want to be late for Mass. However, while she was sitting down, she heard something that terrified her out of her wits. A voice told her that she could be killed on the spot, but she would be spared because the speaker was her godfather. He made it clear she was in terrible danger.

Looking around in fright, she realized all of the people in the church around her were headless. She ran from the church and was accosted by even more ghostly parishioners, who tried to grab her by her veil. She managed to escape with her life, but upon her return she saw that the remains of her veil had been seized by the ghosts, ripped into tiny pieces, and distributed among the graves that were outside the church. Her mind was only able to imagine what might have happened if they had been able to grab her instead of just her veil.

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