10 Forgotten Artifacts That Have Been Rediscovered

9. First-Edition Copy Of The Map That Changed The World

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In the world of geology, William Smith is a legend. He is considered to be the “Father of English Geology” and the maker of the “map that changed the world.” Smith was the first person to create a geological map of a country. Specifically, Great Britain. During the time of its publication, Smith’s map was revolutionary. It was the first of its kind, influencing the future development of geological maps.

Records indicate that 370 copies of Smith’s geological map were produced, but only 70 exist to date. Just like Buddo, the map was stored in a safe place and then simply forgotten. The last time it was seen was between 40 and 50 years ago. It was rediscovered in the archives of the Geological Society, kept safe inside a leather sleeve case. In hindsight, getting lost for half a century was good for the map. It was not exposed to sunlight, and as such, it is in good condition and its colors have remained exquisite.

What makes this map special and valuable is that it is a first edition. Experts believe that the map was “certainly among the first 50 to come off the production line, and very probably among the first 10.” This information has led experts to estimate that the value of the map is in the six figures.

Today, maps like this can be easily created thanks to modern technology, but it probably took Smith close to 15 years to gather the data needed to create his.

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