10 Suspicious Unsolved Military Mysteries

There are over 3,000 cases of military servicemen who commit suicide every year in the United States and over 1,000 murders. These murders often go unsolved, and for some families whose loved ones supposedly committed suicide, the evidence simply doesn’t add up.

10. Paul Whipkey

In the early 1950s, Lieutenant Paul Whipkey found himself in a high position within the United States Air Force at Fort Ord, California. He was one of the first men to witness the atomic bomb tests. In 1957, he began acting strangely. He also lost all of his teeth, suffered from constant colds, suddenly lost weight, and developed black moles and warts all over his body. While on post, he was often seen talking to two men dressed in suits, but they have never been identified. Colleagues noticed that he was often tense and not himself after seeing them.

On July 10, he told his friends he was visiting the nearby city of Monterey. He left in plain clothes and never returned. The day he went missing, he had checked into a hotel 560 kilometers (350 mi) away. A day later, a man dressed in military clothing was seen driving Whipkey’s car. That same day, the Army quickly cleared out his apartment. A month later, after no sign of his whereabouts had surfaced, he was classed as a deserter. It took eight more months before the military began to search for him. His car was found in Death Valley with the keys still in ignition and surrounded by cigarette butts, which was suspicious because he didn’t smoke. Even more suspiciously, the Army destroyed all files on Whipkey in 1977. Years later, seemingly out of nowhere, they changed his status from a “deserter” to “killed in action.”

There are many theories on what happened to Paul Whipkey. Even after he started to behave strangely, his family and colleagues insist that he was a perfect soldier who was unlikely to have deserted. Some theorize that he was recruited by the CIA and died in a secret mission, while others believe there was a military cover-up after he died of radiation poisoning.

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