10 Terrible Things Done By Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a political hero, a Nobel Prize winner, and a man sure to be remembered for centuries as one of the greats.

Had the forces of Germany not risen up against Europe, Churchill might have become a man we remember a little differently. If you look past his witticisms and the war effort, you’re left with a man with deeply troubling views—who might not be the hero we imagine.

10. He Wanted To Let Gandhi Die


When Gandhi called for the independence of India, British soldiers arrested him in Bombay and threw him into prison. They ruled that his civil disobedience had become criminal, and they weren’t going to deal with him anymore.

Word got out, though, that Gandhi was considering a hunger strike—and the British had to decide what to do. If Gandhi starved to death in their custody, it would be a political nightmare, jeopardizing the British moral high ground.

Churchill, though, wasn’t concerned. He voted that they should simply let Gandhi “do as he likes” and starve himself to death if he wanted to.

Gandhi nearly did just that. He was ultimately released out of fear that he would die in a British prison. If Churchill had had his way, though, the story of Gandhi’s life would have ended in that cell.

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