10 Vengeful Ghosts In Folklore And Mythology

People often refer to ghosts as the dead who have unfinished business here on Earth. However, not all of that business is good, and there are stories from every culture of ghosts who seem to want nothing other than revenge against the living, usually for no reason other than spite or anger.

10. Carl Pruitt Folklore: American

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In June of 1938, a man named Carl Pruitt was said to have uncovered his wife’s infidelity, and in his own bed no less. Distraught with the betrayal, he grabbed a chain and strangled her while the other man escaped. Once he realized what he had done, Pruitt killed himself and was buried away from his wife in another cemetery. The locals began to claim that the headstone appeared to have a chain embedded in it, although it wasn’t there when it was first installed. That’s when the victims began piling up.

The first victim was a young boy who threw rocks at the tombstone. While he was riding his bike back home, he lost control, as if something (or someone) else was controlling the bike, and he crashed. During the accident, the bike chain came loose and strangled the young boy. A few weeks later, the boy’s mother took an axe and destroyed the tombstone. When she was hanging her clothes to dry at home later, the clothesline came loose and wrapped itself around her neck, strangling her (her clothesline was also made out of chain rather than string). When authorities went to the graveyard, they found that the tombstone was unharmed.

Three more people, each one a person who disturbed Pruitt’s grave, died in a similar manner. Eventually, after all the other corpses were moved, his plot was forgotten and covered by weeds. In the 1950s, a strip-mining operation was undertaken and Pruitt’s grave was destroyed. As of yet, no one has been killed for this offense.

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