Top 10 Prominent Prostitutes In History

There’s a reason why prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession. It has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. Whether for money, trade, or protection, people have been selling their “goods” across the globe since the advent of quid pro quo. Throughout the centuries, numerous ladies of the evening have stood out from their peers as being somewhat more prestigious in their abilities. Here are ten of history’s most prominent prostitutes.

10. Rahab Jericho


The story of Rahab comes from the Book of Joshua in the Torah and tells of a woman who ran an inn and brothel adjacent to the wall of Jericho during that city’s siege by the Israelites, commanded by Joshua.

Before entering the city, Joshua sent two spies to Rahab’s in order to properly assess the military strength of Jericho. When Jericho’s soldiers went to capture the spies believed to be under Rahab’s roof, she hid the men under piles of flax and barley. She feared the wrath of the Israelites and gave refuge to the spies in order to spare her and her family from death, to which the spies agreed. To mark her home to be spared, she placed a red chord on the door, which some believe may be the origin of the use of a red light to indicate a brothel.

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